Foresight USDA Sugar Re-Export Program Services

Foresight Commodity Services has provided commodity advisory services to food processing companies for over 35 years. In 2022 we changed our business model and now focus on assisting companies with USDA’s Re-Export of Sugar Containing Product program.

What are the benefits of having a Re-Export Of Sugar Containing Products License?

A license issued to a food processing company by USDA allows companies to receive a financial benefit calculated from the amount of sugar used in products manufactured and exported from the U.S. The license holder can:

  • Sell the earned credits at program/world prices or
  • Purchase sugar from a U.S. refiner based on program/world prices.

The net may result in significant contributions in lowering the cost of the sugar to the license holder.

Note to receive these benefits, the manufacture must have a license issued by USDA and adhere to the requirements in the license agreement.

Foresight has assisted companies with USDA’s Re-Export of Sugar Containing Products program since before 1990.

Our services include:

  • Assisting with license applications with USDA
  • Auditing export documents
  • Filing for credits with USDA
  • Retention of documents

Our experience leads us to believe companies that audit their own documents should review their license agreement and determine if they are in full compliance. Many companies large and small may not be fully aware of what is included in their license as over time the stake holders within the company have changed due to promotions or natural attrition.

If you are not familiar with this program and would like to discuss the benefits or review your current process, please call 630-240-8788 or e-mail Bob Lindon at